Through MPortfolio, the University promotes integrative, life-long, and life-wide learning; develops reflective practitioners; and enables effective demonstration and assessment of student learning. Members of the Michigan Portfolio Community share a commitment to positive student development, innovative pedadgogy and practice, and educational excellence.

Students, staff, and faculty from many schools, colleges, and programs throughout the University of Michigan campuses are involved with MPortfolio — the University's electonic portfolio (eportfolio) program.  MPortfolio serves as the central entity for eportfolio engagement at Michigan, supporting all parts of the integrative and engaged learning lifecycle.  We support:

  • students during their individual portfolio development processes, including content creation, revision, and design;
  • staff and faculty develop curricular and pedagogical scaffolding, pilot and implement initiatives, and evaluate success; (co)curricular development, piloting, implementation, and assessment
  • departments and administrators assess student learning 

We also develop pedagogical and technical resources to enable broader understanding of portfolio tools and how to use them; and we collect and share information about portfolio-related initiatives on campus, and facilitate collaborations and partnerships between portfolio facilitators through communications, events, resource-sharing, and task forces.​

Anyone at the University of Michigan can become involved with MPortfolio.

For more information or to set up a consultation, contact us at mporthelp@umich.edu.



The University of Michigan is a proud member of the Association for Authentic,
Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) — the global eportfolio
professional organization and community of practice.