Portfolio Examples

Students have created eportfolios in units all over our campus. This page used to be full of examples, but one of the commonly used portfolio companies (Seelio) retired it's tool in June 2019.  Others have disappeared because students have retired their sites.  If you are an instructor working with students to build their individual portfolios here at U-M and you'd like to feature a few of your students, please let us know.  If you are a student interested in sharing your portfolio here -- whether you built it for a class or on your own -- please even better.  Contact us!


Screen shot of Carol Gray's website with a picture of her and the text of a section labeled Who Am I.

Carol Gray

Masters Program in Health Behavior and Health Education  |  School of Public Health, 2014

Carol's portoflio allows visitors to easily learn about her work, goals, and personality through a straight forward design. The portfolio sections use appropirate fonts and color schemes. Carol also includes her contact infomration throughout making it easy for visitors to contact her directly.
As of November 2019, the University of Auburn was actively maintaining a gallery of student portfolios. Some are more successful than others at conveying the interests, experiences, philosophies, goals, and lessons learned (with artifacts!). Some are more accessible and easier to navigate than others.  Some have found a perfect balance of style and content.
You can schedule a ScholarSpace consultaton if you are interested in discussing the examples you may have found online.